Why Have Native Trees In Your Commercial Landscaping

A commercial property owner has many plants to choose from when landscaping. There are grasses and flowers that can make your property look like an English tea garden, shrubberies in a wide array of colors, and everything in between. However, one of the best choices for your place in Texas is native trees. There are three benefits they provide.

Why Have Native Trees In Your Commercial Landscaping

Long-term Savings

Plants that are native to an area are accustomed to the specific challenges that their environment offers. They are drought-resistant in areas that get little water, they tolerate the type of soil you already have, etc. You don’t have to do much to make your plants feel at home: they are home. This leads to savings on soil amendments and other things to make the property pretty.


Every place has its own feel, and part of that is the plants that grow there naturally. Texas has a slew of beautiful native trees that add grace and friendliness to any property, for instance. And why would you want your business to look exactly like the properties in every other landscaping magazine when you can advertise that you and your business are special through landscaping?

Good Local PR

Everyone loves a native son. Local plants are known to be easier on the environment because they need less water and fertilizer than transplants, and they evoke pride in one’s state. Who can look at an Eagleston Holly tree and not beam? Your clients will appreciate your local pride and note it when doing business with you. It can also feature in your advertisements on Arbor Day to give everyone the warm fuzzies.

These trees, such as the crape myrtle or the Eagleston holly, can only be a boon to your landscaping plans. If you want to add native trees to your commercial property, contact us.