Why Have A Privacy Hedge

The concept of a privacy hedge is pretty simple: it’s a row of tall shrubs or plants that block the view into the yard. These hedges can work with fences or other barriers, or they can stand on their own. Either way, there are a few reasons to use them.

Why Have A Privacy Hedge


Many people enjoy having the illusion of living out in the woods, far away from streets. This is understandable because natural surroundings are soothing and might help you relax simply by their presence. People, in fact, report being able to focus better on their work after a stroll through a natural environment. A tall hedge around your yard can create the ambiance of a nature preserve by blocking out the sight and sounds of the suburbs, giving you the mental health benefits of natural surroundings without moving to the woods.


Perhaps this is self-explanatory. A tall hedge keeps out prying eyes. The additional benefit here is that it can be far more targeted about where it gives privacy than other methods. A couple hedges by the deck can keep people from peeking at your reading lounge to see what your preferred book is. You can then leave other parts of your yard open to view so that you can spot people approaching your house.


Trees and shrubs can bring your yard plenty of shade. The perimeters of yards can be uncomfortable, but the privacy hedges can combat the heat. It depends on the shape and size of your yard how much the rest of your property benefits, of course, but the shade from the edges can also stretch into the middle of your landscape, which can make the area cool and comfortable.

Private hedges can bring your home many advantages. Fortunately, Chambersville Tree Farm can help you capitalize on them, so contact us if you are interested in one.

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