Things to Consider When Landscaping Your Commercial Property

Landscaping is about form and function. Each element in your commercial property landscape will add something to the way people perceive your company. Learn a few tips about commercial landscaping that will help you choose the right trees and plants.

Things to Consider When Landscaping Your Commercial Property

1. Reflect Your Company’s Image with Your Landscape

Your landscaping elements can speak for your company without saying a word! Express your image in your landscape design. For example, certain soft-looking ornamental trees and shrubs can convey a pleasing, happy image. A row of sculpted evergreens may express control and strength. A multi-colored garden bed can tell people that you are creative and bright.

2. Direct People Toward Your Entrances

Allow your landscape elements to make it easy for people to know where to walk. Trees and plants growing along a pathway can act as a living arrow, directing visitors toward your main entrance.

3. Make Positive Visual Impact

In this era of visual overload, it’s important that your visual impact is strong. If your current commercial landscape is old and tired, refresh it with healthy trees and plants that will speak in a vibrant, natural language that your visitors will respond to.

4. Give People a Place to Interact

An inviting landscape includes places for people to linger and interact. This can be as simple as a few benches, a low wall to sit on, or a shady tree with a picnic table beneath it. It could also be more elaborate, including a fountain, an ornamental tree, or a circle of flowers around a lounging area.

5. Low Maintenance Might Be Best

If your company doesn’t want to hire someone to care for your landscape regularly, plan a low maintenance landscape. In other words, plant trees that need minimal care, use rocks and hardscaping to your advantage, and don’t plant natural elements that require frequent watering or pruning.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss which trees and plants would work well at your commercial property.