The Top 3 Reasons to Add Crape Myrtles to Your Collection

The Crape Myrtle has been a tried and true favorite in Texas and other areas of the south for centuries. The variety of sizes and colors allow them to please many tastes and preferences among landscaping fanatics. The benefits of adding this tree to your collection are abundant, but here are three to begin with:

The Top 3 Reasons to Add Crape Myrtles to Your Collection

They provide excellent shade.

Crape myrtles can grow up to 30 ft tall, providing excellent shade during the hot summer months. Any southern native knows the importance of protection from the sun’s harmful rays. This tree will provide comfort for both you and your pets when lounging in the yard. You can also place them near windows to help reduce your air conditioning bill! If you prefer a smaller shrub version of this beautiful tree, you can always trim it down to your preferred taste.

There are enough color options to match anyone’s preference.

One of the reasons Crape Myrtles are so popular is due to their color variety. You can find combinations in bright pink, crisp white, relaxing lilac, or even a cheerful shade of red. The fluffy petals provide their own decor and a sweet fragrance every time you step outside. These trees are sure to uplift your garden or entryway. If you simply cannot bring yourself to choose one color, you can always combine them!

Crape Myrtles are survivors.

This tree is as strong as southern hospitality! They are able to survive a scorching summer and a frigid winter. Pruning during the winter months will help the Crape Myrtle re-sprout the following season. According to Southern Living, it is best to prune by hand for optimal growth and shaping. Proper care will allow you to enjoy this wonderful tree for many years!

As mentioned, Crape Myrtles are an optimal choice to add to your collection due to their shade, color options, and ability to survive. Come visit us at Chambersville Tree Farm and invest in a Crape Myrtle! We would love to show you our variety of options.