The Pink Crape Myrtle: The Ornament Of Any Garden

Every yard needs a show-stopper, and the pink crape myrtle fills this requirement well.

In the summer and late spring, this 3 to 4 foot shrub puts forth massive clusters of pink crinkly flowers, and the foliage is vibrant, turning red in the fall before dropping off for the winter. You’ll find it is versatile and low-maintenance as well.

The Pink Crape Myrtle: The Ornament Of Any Garden


This shrub shines in full sun, but only wants regular watering while it is being established. It grows in clay, sandy, loam, and chalky soil, and isn’t particular about soil pH. You need only make sure that the ground drains well around the roots, give it a little liquid fertilizer once every two weeks during the growing season, and add 2 to 3 inches of mulch around the base for great results. Prune the trees in winter or early spring for the best flowers. If you want a second bloom during the summer, just snip off the spent blooms in the middle of the season.

It tends to need little attention beyond this: powder mildew tends to leave it alone, it resists drought, and deer don’t find it tasty.

Where You’ll See It

Pink Crape Myrtles work wonderfully in relatively small spaces. They can screen your patio or create a charming border for your yard. The shrubs do well in container gardens and in flower beds. Their full pink blooms remind everyone of the Mediterranean and so make fine additions to gardens where you are going for a cozy, beachy feeling.

If your garden could use an easy-to-maintain showboat of a shrub, then the pink crape myrtle could be for you. Fortunately, Chambersville Tree Farm has a variety of crape myrtles for you to chose from, so contact us to see if we have the right tree for you.