The Fire Power: Great For Your North Central Texas Yard

Some plants slot into everyone’s landscape, and the Nandina Fire Power Shrub is one of these. If you have not heard of these charming evergreen shrubs, then you may be wondering why this is. There are four reasons for this.

The Fire Power: Great For Your North Central Texas Yard

Perfect For Our Area

The Nandina Fire Power plant thrives in hardiness zones 6 through 10, and Texas is labeled hardiness zone 7 through 9a. It only needs watering once a week, except in winter when it needs watering once every 10 to 14 days. This means that it does well when water is scarce. As a rule, they tolerate most North Texas growing conditions, though they prefer full sun, and they will adapt to most soils you happen to have.

Adds Color Throughout The Year

The biggest advantage of this shrub is its appearance. It’s vibrantly colorful throughout the year, with brilliant red berries and leaves in the Fall and Winter and bright white flowers in the Spring. The leaves are a vivid green in the Summer. Its shape is also attractive: Fire Powers grow through underground stems which create attractive clumps that create ground cover your gardening friends will drool over. Your yard will never look bland with one of these babies in it.

Fits A Variety Of Spaces

Nandinas are compact, and the Fire Power tops out at 2 to 3 feet. This allows you to get creative about where to put them. You can line your patio with them or tuck them into the side yard. They won’t grow to block your view, and, so long as you prune them once in the Spring, they will look compact and neat.

Fits A Busy Life

Nandina Fire Powers are well-known for being low maintenance. You can leave them for months at a time, and they will look beautiful when you return. In fact, they can last 100 years with minimal attention. This is the perfect plant for the world traveler, the workaholic, and the occasional gardener.

This versatile plant perks up any yard. If you are interested in putting a Fire Power in your yard, or have any landscaping-related questions, contact us today at Chambersville Tree Farms.