The Best Time to Start Planting in Spring

Every year, growers have doubts about when it is most suitable to start a garden. For some people, spring is the best time to go on vacation or begin spring cleaning. Besides traveling and cleaning, the signs of spring trigger excitement for a new season to start planting vegetables, fruits, flowers, and other plants. Planting in spring is delicate because it can spell disaster when done too early or too late. Given the delicate nature of spring, there are main ways to know the best time to start planting in spring, including:

The Best Time to Start Planting in Spring

When the Snow Melts

The best time in spring to step out and plant is when the snow melts and the soil softens.

Before doing anything, it would be best to ensure the soil is not frozen and viable for tilling.

Not Too Early in Spring

If you cultivate the soil too early in spring, the ground will still be saturated and compact.

This will make the soil difficult to work with for the whole growing season.

When the Soil has the Right Texture

The best time to start planting in spring is when your soil has the correct moisture level and texture.

Given that different plants thrive at different temperatures, it would be best to ensure that your chosen plant thrives under the prevailing temperatures.

You can use a soil thermometer to confirm your garden’s temperature before deciding on the most appropriate plant.

For example, in early spring, you can plant crops that are more likely to germinate and survive in cold weather, such as;

  • Peas
  • Broccoli
  • Spinach
  • Lettuce

As much as you can plant some crops early in spring, it would help if you avoided planting when the soil is still extremely wet.

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