Shrubs Like Red Yucca Add Season-Spanning Dramatic Appeal to Your Flower Gardens

Gardening enthusiasts around the world embrace flowering annual bedding plants for their romance and beauty. Incorporating shrubs into your flower garden design is a great way to enhance visual appeal without increasing maintenance and resource costs for your homes and businesses.

Shrubs Like Red Yucca Add Season-Spanning Dramatic Appeal to Your Flower Gardens

Consider Planting Red Yucca

With its towering flower stalks, Red Yucca makes a dramatic statement that adds interest to any flower garden. The Red Yucca’s long-lasting flowers grow generally from 3 feet to 5 feet tall, with each plant producing several flower stalks per year. Its foliage is evergreen, which keeps the garden looking lush even during off-season months. This plant prefers full sun and loves the heat, is drought tough, and thrives on natural rainfall amounts common to our greater Dallas and northeast Texas region, in well-drained soils of either clay or sandy type.

Best suited in areas with plenty of space, the mature plant will extend 3-4 feet across, so to avoid awkward and labor-intensive trimmings, allow 2 to 3 feet of space away from sidewalks or driveways when setting the young plants. Red Yucca makes a striking focal point, either singly or in groupings of 3 to 5 plants as appropriate to the available space, in the center of round, oval, or kidney-shaped garden displays. For rectangular layouts, the plants can beautifully anchor each corner or form a romantic backdrop to low-rising floral plants at the front. While accenting floral gardens is one of the plant’s notable attributes, its serrated leaves that grow 1-1/2 to 2 feet long also provide appealing contrast of textures and color among arrangements of succulents and cacti.

Complementary Shrubs and Plants

Red Yucca is just one of many shrubs that add strategic enhancements to flower gardens. If attracting hummingbirds and butterflies is on your agenda, butterfly bushes, as the name implies, work well as a complement to Red Yucca. For contrasting heights, hues, and textures, try pink or white muhly grass, autumn sage, and desert willow as companion plants. Using these shrubs will keep your flower garden looking spectacular all year long while reducing maintenance effort and cost year after year.

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