Should You Plant Trees in the Summer?

Hot, humid conditions in Texas can make summer seem like a less than ideal time to plant trees. In reality, however, if you choose the right tree types, summertime can actually be the perfect opportunity to enhance your commercial property or upgrade your yard with a few saplings. The key to ensuring the success of these projects is simply knowing what to plant, what not to plant, and how to care for your new trees once they’re in the ground.

Should You Plant Trees in the Summer?

Why Planting Trees in Summer Can Work

Tree roots experience a considerable amount of growth during summer. If you plant new trees in the early portion of the hot season, they’ll be stable, hearty, and healthy before summer’s end. Prepping the soil, generously watering, and using a high-quality root stimulator will all help.

What to Plant and What Not to Plant During Summer

Bareroot trees aren’t for summer planting. These are trees with exposed root balls that have been rinsed clean of all soil. This greater exposure subjects bareroot trees to excessive stress when. With insufficient water, bareroot trees can exhibit symptoms of distress even before you put them in.  Stress quickly depletes trees of energy and leaves them with few to no reserves for adjusting. To survive warmer weather, trees must be robust enough to develop new root systems, support their existing ones, and overcome the challenges of a new environment. If you avoid both bareroot and balled and burlapped trees and stick to trees that are in pots and soil, your efforts will lead to success.

Prepping Your Soil

Hot humid areas like McKinney often have moisture-rich soil. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that local soils are always nutrient-dense or inherently primed for tree planting. Taking the time to prep your soil can make all the difference. Invest in an all-natural, decomposing product that will add nutrients and loosen your soil up for expanding root systems.

Watering Trees That Have Been Planted in Summer

Finally, how you water trees after they’ve been planted in the summer months will determine their survival. New root systems need plenty of water to grow. However, overwatering can be just as stressful on new trees as under-watering. Before planting, take the time to research the needs of each tree species that you’ll be putting in. If you intend to plant a variety of tree species, group them together so that you can give each one the level of water and needs-specific care it deserves.

At Chambersville Tree Farm, we’re all about planting, nurturing, and growing healthy trees. From shade trees to ornamental blooming trees, we’ve got it all. We can also tell you which options are the hardiest for summer planting. If you’re ready to enhance your yard or commercial property with summertime tree planting, call us today!

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