Need Some Shade This Summer?

Now that summer has arrived, many residents across our area are looking to get their home ready for family get-togethers and backyard barbecues. Along with keeping your grass trimmed, pressure washing driveways and sidewalks, and replacing that worn-out door mat that has so faithfully welcomed friends and visitors into your home, we would like to suggest a few other ways to make your outdoor living space perfect for hosting a gathering for your friends and family members.

Need Some Shade This Summer?

What is a backyard barbecue without a shade tree? If your property suffers from a significant lack of shade, consider planting one strategically placed, quick-growing variety, such as a maple. Your guests will thank you for your thoughtfulness and be amazed at its change in size at their next visit!

Need to spruce up your deck before your annual cookout? Consider adding a small potted variety, such as a juniper, to your space. Many varieties can take the heat of summer and hold up well in dry conditions, making it the perfect addition to your deck or patio.

Giving overgrown bushes and shrubs a good trim is a great way to freshen up the look of your home before guests arrive, however, if this is a task that has been routinely neglected at your home, it may be easier to simply re-plant the bushes that make up your hedge and also decorate your yard. Or course, re-planting is more of an investment, however, instead of pruning and then waiting for new growth to appear, your curb appeal will be instantly improved as your hedge is transformed by new shrubs.

Whether you need advice on proper pruning techniques or are looking to buy the healthiest and most vibrant plants available, the folks at our McKinney tree farm are always happy to serve you.

To find the perfect plants and trees that will brighten up your property just in time for your summer get-togethers, contact us today!