Keeping Fruit Trees Healthy Year-Round

Keeping Fruit Trees Healthy Year-Round Gardeners or hobby farmers who are fortunate enough to have fruit trees on their property can testify to the feeling of accomplishment and self-reliance that comes when being able to walk out to your yard, pluck a perfectly ripe piece of fruit, and savor its juicy sweetness only moments after picking. Being able to grow your own fruit takes the concept of “fresh fruit” to a whole new level.

As any seasoned gardener will tell you, maintaining proper fruit tree health all year, not just during the growing season, will result in a big pay off when harvest time rolls around. In order to ensure your fruit trees are strong and ready to bear, we would like to offer the following suggestions for your consideration:

1. Ensure your fruit trees are receiving adequate water. Watering is especially important after the tree has set fruit, but routine watering during the entire year will contribute to the overall health of the tree. Many times, novice gardeners neglect to provide sufficient water while the tree is still a sapling and during the dormant season. While a tree’s need for moisture is less during these times, it still needs a regular drink, even if a small one.

2. Ensure your fruit trees are receiving proper nutrition. Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are all necessary for trees to bear fruit, and maintaining a healthy balance among the three nutrients is important. A soil analysis would provide valuable information regarding deficiencies.

3. Remember, sometimes less is more. Reducing the overall pieces of fruit a tree bears is a technique known as “thinning.” By strategically removing some of the fruit while it is still small, the tree is able to put its energy into increasing the quality of the remaining fruit. Some trees, such as apricot trees, will drop fruit before fully developed if not thinned.

4. Proper care of your fruit trees does not end with the harvest. Avoid inviting pests and disease-causing pathogens into your yard by cleaning up any overripe or rotting fruit at the end of the growing season.

In a perfect world, the care and keeping of fruit trees would be effortless. Unfortunately, growing your own fruit isn’t quite as easy as sticking a sapling in a hole, then returning to find fruit on it at harvest time. However, the experts at Chambersville Tree Farm are standing by to answer any questions you have, or offer our suggestions on how you, too, can see an extravagant harvest from your trees. Contact us to learn more.

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