Japanese Maple Trees Add Unique Color To Any Yard Or Garden

Japanese Maple Trees, or acer palmatum in Latin and Momiji in Japanese, are perfect for adding color and dimension to your yard and garden. As there are several types of Japanese Maple, you have a wide variety of leaves in jewel-toned colors with exquisitely detailed shapes to choose from. Their size is perfect for any yard and some are even able to thrive in planters and very near other like-minded plants.

Planting the tree, caring for its health, and acquiring an understanding of how they grow will allow you to easily beautify your garden for years to come. Here’s what you need to know:

Japanese Maples Add Unique Depth, Texture, Shape, And Color To Any Yard Or Garden


Japanese Maples thrive in growing areas 5 through 8, depending on the specific type of Japanese Maple you have chosen. The slow-growing trees can reach anywhere from 4′ to 30′, as dwarf varieties are available.

The leaves come in many colors, in all variants of red, orange, purple, and more. They grow best in partial shade but are still sturdy in direct sunlight. The branches of some dwarves can be manipulated, much like a bonsai tree, to enhance the design of your home.

Larger Japanese Maples are the perfect shelter for plants that grow well in the shade. Excessive sunlight can bleach or burn the leaves. They can also survive in negative temperatures but are healthiest in places where frost is rare.

Planting in late fall or early spring will ensure its strength and increase the vividness of its colors. Caring for the tree is simple and takes very little time.


Most Japanese Maples need simple watering and grow well in varying densities of soil, but they do love the more acidic soils. Add water to the roots slowly until the soil stops absorbing the water. If you want to witness deep, dramatic colors in the fall then decrease the amount of water you use in the late summer.

The strength of these trees makes transplanting easy. You can start with a seed, a sproutling, or an established youngster and you can bet that your garden will be awash with healthy trees and beautiful colors that will last a lifetime.

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