Is It OK to Plant Trees in the Summer?

It is a common practice for most landscapers and property owners to plant trees in the spring. But some people want to explore different options, such as adding new trees in the summer. It is appropriate to plant trees in the summer, and if it is possible, what are the guidelines for summer planting?

Is It OK to Plant Trees in the Summer?

Summer Weather Is Harsh

The summer heat is sweltering, and planting trees during this period may seem like setting them up for failure. The high temperatures and dry weeds put extreme stress on the young trees, making it hard for them to establish themselves.

Therefore, it is not advisable to plant trees on the ground in the summer because their strength will be depleted by the extreme heat, making it hard for them to survive. It is also not a good idea to transplant trees in the summer because they will have difficulties adjusting to the extreme weather. The new environment may stress them out and cause them to wilt and die.

Plant in Plastic Containers

If you insist on planting trees in the summer, grow them in plastic containers rather than planting them directly on the ground. Containerized trees thrive better in the summer heat because they have a healthy root structure and are not exposed to transplant shock. Use potted rather than bare-rooted seedlings because potted plants find it easier to establish roots in a new environment.

The trees need plenty of water to survive and grow in the summer heat. Use mulching to insulate the soil and provide a buffer against extreme heat. Mulch also helps the soil retain water and smothers weeds that compete for water and nutrients with the trees. You will notice that trees planted in the summer grow very fast under the right conditions.

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