How to Choose Plants for Privacy

Thinking you need a bit more privacy in your outdoor space? Keep reading to learn more about choosing the right plants for privacy.

How to Choose Plants for Privacy


When will you be using your outdoor space? You want to make sure the plants you choose are providing the privacy you desire during the time of year you will be using a space. You will most likely want to be outside during summer days and evenings, so it is lucky that most plants will have full foliage, and therefore better screening capabilities, during this time. However, say you want to have a private evening fire in the winter or fall. For this, you want to choose evergreen plants such as Yews, Pines, and Magnolias for your screening needs because these will keep their leaves all year. Also, some privacy species, such as Pampas Grass, need to be cut back at a certain time of year, so they won’t provide quite as much privacy until the new growth reaches mature heights.


What will you be doing in your outdoor space? This is an important question to ask yourself when choosing privacy plants because they grow to a variety of mature heights. If you plan on sitting outside and having dinner in the evenings, you may only need plants that grow 4 or 5 feet tall, such as shrubs or grasses. However, if you have a swimming pool with a diving board or plan on having larger parties in your outdoor space, you may want species that grow to a much taller mature height to offer more screening of your space, such as trees.


Where in your outdoor space will your privacy plants be? This is a question you should ask yourself if you are planning to incorporate other planting designs in your landscaping project. If you want your privacy plants to be part of a larger garden area, think about how the plants will look with other species. For example, you may want to complement darker, screening yew plants with some bright green shrubs or colorful flowers. This will help your screening plants fit in nicely with the rest of your outdoor space and provide beauty as well as privacy.

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