Eagleston Holly: A Native Tree For Your Garden

Every yard deserves at least one special shrub or tree, and the Eagleston Holly may well be the one for your home.

Eagleston Holly: A Native Tree For Your Garden

The Eaglestone Holly is an evergreen tree that is a natural hybrid of Doohan and American Holly. (They can also be considered a type big shrub, depending on how you like to classify them.) It grows about 2 feet a year until it’s about 15 to 20 feet tall at full maturity, and the canopy gets about 15 to 20 feet in width. It generally presents one solid trunk and medium green foliage that grows in a pyramid shape. You get a dense canopy made of medium gray or light branches when it is at its full height if you keep it properly pruned. Red berries grow on its soft spikes in the fall and winter, and many birds find these berries delicious.

Probably the best aspect of this tree/shrub is how tolerant it is. It is drought resistant, and it can grow in sandy or clay soils. The holly tends not to take over a yard, too, as the roots are thin. They prefer full sun and partial sun, and you do have to cut any plants that might put much shade on your trees.

The holly tree needs well-drained soil and will occasionally need to be inspected for pests, but so long as it has a nice blanket of mulch and is regularly pruned to keep the canopy dense, it should be fine. It has little to moderate water needs once it is established.

You can put it to many uses in your yard. These hollies work well as part of a privacy hedge or as a property boundary marker. They also look pretty as a focal point in your yard. It can blend into many garden designs, and bring a little interest to a yard.

If you want to see how your yard could fit in an Eagleston Holly, Chambersville Tree Farm now carries them. We have been providing great plants for North Central Texas since 2004, and we can sell wholesale to landscaping businesses and sell retail to anyone in our area. Contact us for more information.