Crape Myrtles: The Perfect Focal Point

Are you beginning to notice your landscape is lacking a bit of color? If you’re a lover of natural beauty, you must explore the possibility of getting your own crape myrtle tree! This fantastic tree has many redeeming qualities that will leave you wanting to fill your entire yard with them. Here are three reasons why the crape myrtle belongs in your outdoor living space.

Crape Myrtles: The Perfect Focal Point

1. The Blossoms:

The crape tree fills itself with gorgeous and, sometimes, fragrant blossoms. These flowers begin budding in the spring and come to a blossom in summer. The flower colors can range anywhere from pink, purple, white, or red. They truly liven up your yard and create an amazing focal point that draws the eye to it immediately.

2. The Bark:

The flowers aren’t the only attraction of the crape tree, however. This tree also possesses a very interesting type of bark. The crape tree bark goes through periods of shedding! The shedding leaves the bark with different patches of color, making it an outstanding piece to be on display in your yard.

3. The Foliage:

The leaves of the crape tree also enhance its allure. They have a very unique shape to them amongst all of their varieties. The colors of the leaves even turn to breathtaking oranges, yellows and reds in the fall. Aren’t these the perfect colors for the season?

The multifaceted crape tree is going to add year-round beauty to your outdoor living space. With each season a new, unique feature of the tree will come to fruition. Soon, all of your neighbors are going to be asking where to get one of those trees!

Chambersville Tree Farm boasts a wide variety of these gorgeous trees. Their sizes vary from around three feet to over twenty feet! You’ll be able to find the perfect fit for the size of your yard.

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