Crape Myrtle Trees are a Great Choice for Variety

Crape Myrtle Trees are fast growing trees with attractive silhouettes and color varieties. These trees are sure to bring a unique flare to your landscaping project. To learn more about choosing from a variety of Crape Myrtle sizes, colors, and shapes, continue reading.

Crape Myrtles are a Great Choice for Variety

Think About Size

When searching for plants for your landscaping project, you should focus first on the size you are looking for. There are Crape Myrtle trees and Crape Myrtle shrubs. Most of the trees will grow to be 10 to 25 feet tall, while the shrubs will grow to a mature height of 2 to 5 feet tall. If you like the look of a specific Crape Myrtle tree variety but need a smaller plant, you may be able to find a similar looking variety in a miniature version. This is the case with the Crape Myrtle Twilight Tree and the Crape Myrtle Centennial Shrub, which both have similar beautiful deep purple blooms.

Think About Color

Another great thing about Crape Myrtle trees are their beautiful blooms. These trees bloom in summer, which creates a wonderful contrast in color between the dark green foliage and the brightness of the flowers. The blooms may be white (such as with the Acoma variety), pale pink (Bashams Party Pink variety), bright pink (Raspberry Sundae and William Toovey varieties), red (Red Rocket variety), purple (Catawba and Twilight varieties), and many shades in between!

Since these trees are deciduous, they drop their leaves in the winter. This means it is also important to consider the fall colors of your Crape Myrtle tree when planning your landscaping project. The Acoma variety will have reddish purple fall foliage, while many of the other varieties will show orange-red fall foliage.

Think About Shape

Finally, you should also make a choice about the general shape of Crape Myrtle you desire. Some varieties, such as the Raspberry Sundae, grow upright, while others, such as the Acoma, have an umbrella or weeping shape.


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