Add a Splash of Color to Your Yard with Crape Myrtles

Add a Splash of Color to Your Yard with Crape MyrtlesOf all the plants we sell at Chambersville Tree Farm, crape myrtles are one of the most popular. With its beautiful, showy flowers that appear late in the summer, and its delicate crinkled bark, this tree is a great addition to any property because of their unique versatility. Crape myrtles can be planted in a linear fashion to form an interesting hedge to divide a yard from a neighboring property, or, because of its color, can be used as a focal point in a corner of a property.

Crape myrtles come in a variety of colors. The ‘Centenial’ species produces bright purple flowers that provide an amazing pop of color against the tree’s grayish bark. The ‘Natchez’ variety produces white flowers that stand out in contrast to its cinnamon colored brown bark.  If you are looking to add a splash of red to your surroundings, consider planting the ‘Watermelon Red’ variety, which changes to a golden auburn hue in the fall.

The crape myrtle prefers moist, well-drained soil and grows very well in warm, sunny locations. It is drought tolerant, but requires some deliberate watering during unusually dry summers. The tree grows quickly, and can quickly take on a bush-like appearance if not properly cared for. Suckers will insistently sprout from its trunk; removing them will help the tree put more energy into flowering and will contribute to the neat, clean look you desire on your property.

To learn more about maintaining your crape myrtles or for more information about how crape myrtles can add a splash of color to your property, contact us today!

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