Our Containers

Marvel At The Root System

The white outer coating greatly reduces container temperature so roots do not die on the sunny side as with black plastic containers. Water usage is also reduced as there are no large drain holes or evaporative sides; water seeps out the hundreds of holes created by the base stitching. When ready to harvest, slit down the sides with a utility knife, peel off container, and marvel at the root system.

RootTrapper® Options

The success of this container has led to other versions to better suit some production needs. The RootTrapper® “Grounder™” has a base material which allows roots to grow through and peg into the soil. This not only reduces blow-over but permits the plant to reclaim water and fertilizer. The RootTrapper® II is not laminated on the bottom 2 inches of the container sidewall. By allowing better drainage near the base but not totally exposing the container sidewall to rapid evaporation, moisture and aeration for the entire soil column is improved.

An Accumulation of Energy

With the Knit Fabric container, small roots extend through the fabric but are unable to expand, causing a constriction which leads to root branching and an accumulation of energy. Water management is less complicated in the field and the root system is protected from temperature extremes. When a tree in the Knit Fabric container, generally sizes 8″ to 24″ (30″, 36″, 48″ special order) is harvested, the fabric is removed and, once planted, is provided the benefit of having a great majority of the root system not only intact, but well branched and equipped to establish into the surrounding soil horizontally rather than just downward.

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