Chambersville Tree Farm believes we should minimize our impact on the land and surrounding community, so we follow an organic growing and maintenance regimen. From the beginning, Chambersville Tree Farms focused on being a sustainable horticulture grower, and to this day, raised the bar within the industry. The inventory consists of natives, as well as trees that are well adapted to our North Texas soils and climate.

Chambersville Tree Farm, in cooperation with Erath Earth developed a custom container media, teaming with microbes, in which we feed simple sugars (molasses) and complex carbohydrates (fish hydrolysate) by way of 500 gallons of compost extract, compost tea, and our own bug grub formula. A foliar program provides additional protection and out competes non-target pests. Finally, using RootMaker certified products enhances the root system of the trees, increasing energy storage and nutrient exchange, providing superior caliper and top growth. To learn more about RootMaker products click here.

Chambersville Tree Farms Is Closing on December 31, 2022