A Living Fence is the Ideal Choice for Privacy

Is your yard too empty? Can your neighbors see through your windows? Don’t worry. We have the perfect solution. A living fence will keep prying eyes out without scarring your view with yet another generic fence line.

A Living Fence is the Ideal Choice for Privacy

What is a Living Fence?

A living fence is a boundary grown with trees, shrubs, and flowering plants instead of one built with wood planks. There are countless options to choose from that can fit every yard and preference, from flower-filled to classic green. Choosing a living fence also means choosing a healthier relationship with local wildlife.

What are the Benefits?

Besides keeping out pesky neighbors and demarcating property, living fences provide a wide array of functions. They block noise and wind, create shade, prevent soil erosion, deter large animals from passing through, and provide habitat for small wildlife. Insects, birds, small mammals, toads, and some reptiles will love your living fence! Coyotes, deer, and herd animals are too large to pass through tightly woven hedges and will remain on their proper side. Maybe the most appealing aspect of a living fence is that they grant a natural beauty to your yard that a traditional fence can’t give. Privacy plants like Boxwood, Juniper, and Ligustrum make for lush, evergreen hedges. Oak and Magnolia trees grow tall and cover large areas. Use your living fence as a jumping-off point to design and decorate your yard or other property.

How Long does it Take to Grow?

That depends on the tree. Growth rate and maintenance differ by plant species and environmental conditions. Some species, like the Burkii Juniper, are relatively fast-growing evergreens, and others, like Live Oak, may take several years. Be sure to do your research, and pick the right plant for your needs.

Accounting for size, growth rate, toxicity, soil type, and color preference when making your decision can seem a heavy burden, but we at Chambersville Tree Farms are willing to help. Contact us today and ask a sales representative for help with privacy plants. Pickup, delivery, and planting services are available.