5 Great Shrubs for Your Flower Bed

Shrubs are a welcome addition to your landscaping, especially ones with spectacular blooms. It is a wonderment to have a flower bed flourishing with different hues. Here are some awesome shrubs to enjoy in your shimmering garden:

5 Great Shrubs for Your Flower Bed


Bluebeard consists of miniature blue flowers with a white center. This Summer flowering bush grows 4 feet wide and up to 8 feet tall. Be sure to put Bluebeard in soil that has already been drained. Full sunlight will also benefit the plant well.


This is a beautiful perennial shrub that fluctuates from pink to red throughout the year. Make sure to plant in acidic soil in order to produce a well-grown plant. The flower bed should reside in a nicely shaded area.


This lengthy shrub has flowers that come in either pink, orange, yellow, or red.  If put in full sun, Coneflower will reach up to 4 feet tall.  They are also able to withstand drought and intense heat during the Summer months.


Lilacs are luscious to have in a fairytale gardenscape. This shrub should be placed in well-drained soil; allow 20 feet of space to grow without restraint. If you love sweet smelling flowers, lilac is the one for you.


Lobelia is a spectacular Summer bloom with a range of blue to white. However, violet is the most common tone for Lobelia. These only grow about 3 feet tall, but are dainty. Allow for partial shade or full sunlight. Moist rich soil is perfect for Lobelia to survive out in your yard.

Another perk is that this little flowering jewel can help relieve illness, such as bronchitis and asthma.

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