4 Tricks for Enjoying More Ornamental Trees Around Your Patio

If you love small ornamental trees, there’s no reason to keep them in just a few corners of your front lawn and backyard. Build a beautiful collection of small, potted ornamental trees all across your patio. Here are a few tips and tricks to make it easier than ever to enjoy them.

4 Tricks for Enjoying More Ornamental Trees Around Your Patio

1. Put them on wide shallow saucers.

Even small ornamental trees need a lot of water. If you keep saucers under your pots so water doesn’t spread across your patio floor or table, make sure you always grab a size up. Eventually, some water will drain out of the soil. That can encourage mosquitoes to set up shop around your outdoor oasis. Put if the water spreads into a thin layer, the sun will evaporate it faster than the mosquitoes can find it.

2. Arrange them in layers.

If you set all of your ornamental trees on the same level, your patio might end up looking like a miniature forest. Your prize tiny trees might also get lost in them. So design your patio decorations with their staggered heights in mind. Some can go on the raised floor of the patio, some can go on the ground, and some can get tucked into nooks or set on tables.

3. Match them up with bug-repelling plants.

Some of your ornamental trees are going to be prime targets for bugs, especially if they have bright flowers, colorful fruit, or sweet smells. Sometimes, that attention can help the trees grow and propagate. Other times, it just makes the trees unsafe to be around. Ward away wasps, bees, and spiders with a variety of bug-unfriendly plants that don’t ruin the look of your garden.

4. Secure the pots you put on tables or rails.

It’s always surprising just how much chaos gusts of Texas win can cause. But if you have trees on your patio table or the porch railing, eventually the wind will try to knock it down. Protect it by bolting the pot in place or setting it in a wire stand.

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