4 Reasons to Add Mexican Feather Grass to Your Commercial Landscaping This Year

Buildings need good landscaping to draw in tenants and shoppers. If the perimeter of your property looks faded, bare, or poorly maintained, your target market is going to use that to color their first impression of your business. If you know it’s time to redesign or touch up your landscape, start with Mexican feather grass. Here are four reasons why it should be your go-to plant for your medians and garden beds.

4 Reasons to Add Mexican Feather Grass to Your Commercial Landscaping This Year

1. It doesn’t need much maintenance.

You have a business to run, so make your landscaping self-sufficient with plants that can take of themselves. Local species of ornamental grass — and species of grass that are used to harder droughts than even those in the DFW area — don’t need much more than the occasional watering during the driest parts of the year. You can also find fast- and slow-growing varieties that reach a maximum size and then won’t overgrow.

2. It stays healthy throughout the seasons.

A lot of ornamental plants, like flowers, are annuals. They need to be replaced once a year. Even perennially blooming plants have an off-season. Mexican feather grass looks beautiful whether it’s summer or winter.

3. It’s ornamental.

Landscaping can’t just be a functional lawn with hedges along the road and the building anymore. Whether your property is a store, an office, or an apartment complex, the landscaping needs to be beautiful to bring in foot traffic. Feather grass is a plant that looks stylish and modern, especially if you lay them out in geometric patterns or layer your landscaping.

4. Everyone else is using it.

it’s important to know what your business neighbors are doing. HOA landscapers, cities, and commercial property management groups are all using feather grasses more and more often in their new installations. Follow the crowd on this one: they’re doing it because it looks great and doesn’t require many resources to keep it that way.

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