3 Ways to Use Rocks in Your Commercial Landscaping

While trees are the main component of most commercial landscaping projects, there’s something to be said for incorporating some well-placed rocks as a way to hide any awkward slopes, edges, or unsightly utility equipment. Well-placed rock is an eye-catching and durable addition to any landscaping project, providing a long-lasting, organic, and textural element to even the most modern designs.  Intentional use of rock and stone helps to anchor designs in the landscape they serve and call attention toward the highlights of the design. Here are a few ways you might consider using rocks to accent your commercial landscape design.

3 Ways to Use Rocks in Your Commercial Landscaping

1. Hiding Areas of The Yard

A combination of smaller rocks, larger boulders, and well-chosen plants will help mask any awkward slopes or necessary utility equipment and instead turn the areas into focal points of your design. Smaller rocks can also be used as a brighter or more visually interesting stand-in for mulch in many flower beds.

2. Constructing a Stone Pathway

There are nearly as many ways to create an inviting stone pathway as there are rocks you could use to make one. Whether it’s a simple gravel path or a shallow stairway made of larger slabs, your path should sit well within the overall design, stand out well enough to be seen clearly by customers, and most importantly, work for the people who are going to be using it the most.

3. Using Rocks and Water

There’s just something about a nice, simple rock water fountain that elevates nearly any design. Installing a simple fountain, or going all out with a small water garden framed by stones can help create a sense of calm and tranquility.

Of course, these are only a few of the options available to you when you decide to incorporate rock into your landscaping designs. If you’re looking for help with a landscaping project, contact us! Chambersville Tree Farm, Inc. was established to supply North Central Texas with quality, organically grown trees at competitive prices.

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