3 Reasons to Plant Privacy Trees on Your Property Besides Privacy

Good, fast-growing privacy trees provide precisely that: privacy. You can add them along your fence, the border between your property’s and your neighbors, and even along one side of your fence to guarantee your privacy. But fast-growing evergreens and hedges can do more than provide privacy. They can also:

3 Reasons to Plant Privacy Trees on Your Property Besides Privacy

Keep your yard and lawn green throughout the seasons.

Privacy trees, by their nature, need to have thick, green foliage no matter what season it is. That’s perfect for Texas lawns which can have brown or yellow lawns in the winter and summer, especially with regional water restrictions. A good selection of privacy trees gives your property a lot of curb appeal through appearance alone.

Lock down the soil along your fence line.

Texas soil erodes easily. It can crumble and break down in the summer heat, and heavy storms wash it away downhill. While this is a huge problem for concrete foundations, it’s also a problem for residential fence lines. Erosion along the perimeter of your property can weaken your fence’s structural integrity. It can also leave gaps that let critters in and family pets out. Fast-growing privacy trees develop root systems that can help hold the soil in place.

Make new landscaping look fully developed faster.

If you want to put your house on the market or lease it out to tenants, cleaning up the landscaping is a great tactic. But new, thin trees and sparse garden beds don’t always photograph well. Opt for fast-growing trees that can look well-established in time for the start of the school year or the next few years of tenants.

For the best privacy and other benefits, you need the best privacy trees. Go to Chambersville Tree Farm near McKinney to browse our selection of privacy trees, evergreens, and ornamental trees. We can help you make your yard look beautiful and secure.