2 Tips For Caring For Your Evergreen Tree

If you are thinking about getting an evergreen tree, or you have recently planted one or more of them in your yard. It is very important that you properly care for them. A great way to make this happen is to learn all that you can about proper care, either before you purchase and plant the tree, or right after. Here are two great tips for caring for your evergreen tree.

2 Tips For Caring For Your Evergreen Tree

Plant Them In Nutrient Rich Soil

One important thing to do with your evergreen tree is to make sure that you plant it in soil that is rich with nutrients and has plenty of moisture. These nutrients help the evergreen to grow and thrive, even during the cold winter months, when water may be more scarce and sunlight is minimal. This also helps to give it a strong foundation from the moment that it is planted, which helps it to become a healthy tree.

Prune In The Spring

While evergreens don’t require nearly as much pruning as some other kinds of trees, it is still a good idea to prune them when they have branches or parts of the tree that are dead or dying. This helps the rest of the tree to remain healthier and avoids wasted nutrients going to these dying areas. When it comes to pruning, it is crucial that you only prune your evergreens in the spring time. This gives the new growth plenty of time to grow through the summer and fall before becoming dormant again.

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