Understanding The Impact That Oak Galls Can Have On Tree Health

Assessing and treating diseases and pests that negatively impact the health of your trees is important. One particularly unsightly condition that many common types of oak trees are afflicted by is known as an oak gall.

Understanding The Impact That Oak Galls Can Have On Tree Health

What are oak galls?

Oak galls are round tumor like growths found on various species of oak trees. The abnormal growths can appear on the leaves, stems, and branches of the tree. Normally, oak galls are just an unpleasant looking nuisance, however, the health of the tree may be impacted in more extreme cases, leading to branch dieback.

What causes oak galls?

Oak galls are the result of infestations of gall causing insects and mites. These insects inject chemicals into the tree, which produce a reaction, resulting in the formation of the galls. The galls serve as a source of food for the larvae of gall producing insects.

How to rid your tree of oak galls?

Luckily, reducing the impact that this ugly problem can have on your trees is relatively simple. The best way to restore your oak trees to their former beauty is to simply remove the galls. This can be achieved by shearing or cutting afflicted branches, stems, and leaves.

Upon removal, the galls should be places in trash bags and thrown out, as they may contain eggs or larvae, which could cause the problem to reoccur if left nearby.

You may be tempted to use an insecticide to attack the problem at its source. This method is not recommended, as it will do little to combat the situation. Insecticides may also be detrimental to other insect populations which are considered healthy and normal for oak trees.

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