Ornamental trees are a great way to make your yard look gorgeous, but what kinds are available? The following ornamental trees are among the most popular to use for landscaping projects.

Types Of Ornamental Trees To Use In Landscaping

Flowering Pears

These beautiful trees bloom with gorgeous white blossoms in the early spring. They typically grow to be about 30 feet tall, though some may grow as high as 40 feet. They are great for adding a little decorative touch to your home. Try integrating them near boundary fences to make those eye-sores more pleasant to look at.

Eastern Redbud

If you’re looking for a tree to provide purple or pink flowers for your fall or spring decorations, this is your best bet. This tree not only produces red buds in the winter but yellow in the fall and brown in the winter. If you like birds on your property, choose this tree as it attracts them in droves.


Though its name is somewhat humorous, this tree is one of the most popular ornamental options in the nation. There are over 200 different species that you can choose, each which has slightly different colors and styles. Make sure to spray them regularly to protect them from the dangers of pest invasion.

Flowering Dogwood

Last, but not least, is the Flowering Dogwood. When this ornamental tree blooms, it creates white and pink flowers that add a little style and texture to your yard. They also produce nice fall colors, making this a tree that looks pretty good all year round.

Each of these ornamental trees has different care methods that you need to consider when planting them. To learn more about those methods, please contact us today.