Top Five Texas Trees To Plant

Texas weather varies extensively, from humid in the east to arid in the west. Due to severe weather transpiring throughout the year, it is of importance to make a careful selection when it comes to selecting the most efficient and effective trees that will beautify your space without suffering and causing great damage. These are the top five species of Texas trees attentively selected by Chambersville Tree Farm:

Top Five Texas Trees To Plant

1. Live Oak

Live oaks are one of the most extraordinary North American trees located in the south of the country. They can live to be hundreds of years old and are known for being strong, wind-resistant. They have the flexibility to adapt to different types of soils and climate. They make for a good home to mammals such as squirrels and raccoons.

2. Burr Oak

Known by its massive trunk, the Burr Oak tree produces acorns that are suitable for wildlife. It is known to live for a long time, and to endure the stress of heat and pollution. Burr oak acorns are the preferred food for rabbits, mice, and other rodents.

3. Cedar Elm

This tree is considered both a shade tree and an ornamental tree. It possesses the ability to survive in difficult soil types with very little care. Its seeds are eaten by wild turkeys, songbirds, in between other creatures. Unfortunately, it is currently facing a difficult battle with the Dutch elm disease.

4. Bald Cypress

Known for raising conical “knees” on wet conditions so its roots can get the oxygen needed, this beauty provides a wide range of shade with its canopy capable of blocking sunlight. The tree is adaptable to wet or dry conditions, being flood-resistant one of its main characteristics. Many wildlife species use it for nourishment.

5. Magnolia

There are twelve common species of Magnolia Trees and Shrubs. One of the difficulties of magnolia tree care is managing the large, crispy leaves that continuously fall from the tree. They are known for tolerating wet, soggy soil. The shade from the tree and accumulation of leaves prevents grass from growing, and as the leaves break down they provide nutrients for the tree. They make a beautiful addition to the landscape.

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