Three Essential Steps Before Starting Your Relandscaping

Landscaping projects can add a lot of curb appeal to your property and give your home an extra boost of selling potential. Everything from trimming and cleaning up your existing landscape to completely redesigning the front lawn transforms how your home looks. Make sure you add these three tasks to your to-do before starting on your new project.

Three Essential Steps Before Starting Your Relandscaping

1. Grind away old stumps and roots.

Stumps can start to fade away into your property so you don’t even notice them. But just because you’ve gotten used to them doesn’t mean guests and prospective¬†home buyers won’t see them. Have an arborist inspect the property and find old tree stumps or remainders of root systems so you can have them removed. Not only are they safety hazards for children and people unfamiliar with the property, they can restrict your new landscaping plans.

2. Thin out existing foliage to make your lawn more organized.

Hedges grow deeper and thicker over time, and so do trees. Make sure the trees you want to keep are trimmed and pruned. This will lighten up the weighty feel of the tree. It also means you get more filtered light across the yard so nothing is too dim or gloomy.

Thinning out old trees also matches the old landscaping with the new so nothing looks out of place. Giving the flowering and fruit trees a trimmed look encourages healthier growth. It also helps present more of your lawns features and trim.

3. Mulch your trees and hedges.

If your yard is going to be on display to a lot of new visitors and walk-throughs, you want all of the plants to be well-hydrated and healthy. Mulch also creates distinct garden beds and borders the trees. Mulch also acts as a great placeholder so you don’t have new trees planted too closely together.

Landscaping projects are exciting, whether you’re changing just part of your lawn or all of the greenery on your property. Go to Chambersville Tree Farm to find the plants and trees for your project.