The 3 Best Places for Privacy Trees and Hedges at Home

Covering your whole lawn in privacy hedges and trees isn’t always a good idea. In fact, having the wrong sort of hedges near your front door can encourage package theft and trespassing rather than keep your home safe. If you want to make your landscaping part of your home’s security, add privacy trees and hedges in these three prime locations:

The 3 Best Places for Privacy Trees and Hedges at Home

Block off your front door or patio with low privacy hedges.

People steal packages, and that trend isn’t going away no matter how much companies try to reduce it. A great way to protect your patio from overly curious pedestrians passing by is to block it off with a privacy hedge. Most opportunistic package snatchers won’t actually go onto your patio without actually seeing a package.

But opt for a low-growing, dense hedge instead of anything that could block the door lock from sight. If your door is invisible from the street, more traditional burglars feel more comfortable walking up to it.

Add privacy trees along the fence line between you and your neighbor.

Houses are often built close together, and that nearness can be annoying. It’s even worse if you or they have a two-story house. So grow tall, thick privacy trees along the fence line between the two properties. They can grow much taller than your fence at a fraction of the cost.

If your backyard slopes, add privacy trees at the bottom.

A sloping backyard has the same problem that a one-story house has with a two-story neighbor: someone at the right angle can see right inside. Strategically place privacy trees along that bottom edge so the nearby neighbors can’t just glance into your backyard. If you want to secure your yard completely, consider lining the whole fence with trees.

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