Should You Trim Your Trees Now, or Should You Wait?

Fall is here. That means it’s time to start thinking about getting your yard ready for autumn and the lead-up to winter. No matter what type of trees you have, trimming them will almost certainly be on your to-do list. But should you wait, or should you do it now?

Should You Trim Your Trees Now, or Should You Wait?

Are the branches about to scrape the top or side of your house?

If the edges of your tree’s branches are about to lift up shingles, trim them as soon as possible. Trees that get too close to structures can damage the roof, give rodents and pests easier access to the eaves, and can send more leaves piling into your gutters. This is a trim that can happen any time it needs to.

Are the branches about to be too big to trim?

Trimming a tree with hand clippers almost never causes permanent damage because the twigs are too thin to be missed. But if you need to cut through larger branches to redirect the tree’s growth. That will leave behind scars on the tree’s trunk, can make the tree’s weight lopsided, and leave the tree vulnerable to pests. Schedule an appointment with a tree care service so they can remove the branch with minimal new damage.

Are you trimming to promote growth or for cosmetic reasons?

Unless the tree is in danger or causing potential danger, wait to trim it. Your trees are starting to slow down for the winter if they have a dormancy period, and that means any cuts will take much longer to heal. Trees are also more vulnerable to mold and fungi in the fall. Trimming the tree exposes raw wood under the bark, and the tree won’t be able to fight back against disease in those spots.

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