Redbuds are a Springtime Showstopper

The Redbud is a native ornamental tree offering three seasons of interest, particularly in the spring with its spectacular magenta flowers. It grows best in part sun or shade which makes it a very adaptable tree, perfect for all types of properties. Its hardiness, leaf color, and small size make it an attractive addition to any residential or commercial landscape.

Redbuds are a Springtime Showstopper

The Redbud can stand alone as a specimen in the landscape, or add a splash of color planted in groups set before a woodland backdrop. In spring, bright hues of pinkish purple buds line the branches. These showy buds will then bloom into reddish purple or glossy green leaves depending on the variety of tree. For wine colored hues, look to the ‘Forest Pansy’, ‘Merlot’, and ‘Ruby Falls’ Redbud. The ‘Texas’, ‘Oklahoma’ and ‘Travelers’ varieties will be best for green foliage. Even more impressive is the ‘Rising Sun’ Redbud that displays a rainbow effect of cheery yellows, creamy oranges and soft greens. You can find all of these varieties here at Chambersville Tree Farm.

Not only does the Redbud display a number of leaf shades, but growth habits as well. Overall, the Redbud is a small tree, reaching a mature height of no more than thirty feet. Some Redbuds appear full and shrub-like, while others tend to grow more upright in a standard tree form. The ‘Ruby Falls’ and ‘Travelers’ Redbuds are weeping varieties. These smaller trees look gorgeous set among rock gardens, ponds, and other peaceful spaces. Remember that the Redbud will grow best with some shade, especially in the afternoon, and in well drained soil. A popular feature of the Redbud is its ability to thrive in dry soils and drought-like conditions.

The best time to plant the Redbud according to David Rodriguez, a horticultural agent at Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, is late winter to early spring. So whether it’s red or green, multi-trunk or weeping, Chambersville Tree Farm is here to help you find the perfect Redbud for your landscape.

Make the trip this spring and see the beautiful display of Redbud flowers for yourself. Our staff is ready to assist you with any of our organically grown trees, or you may simply contact us here with questions.