Willow – Bubba Desert Willow

Willow – Bubba Desert Willow

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  • Height: 12-20’
  • Width: 10-15’+
  • Moderate to fast growth rate
  • Light: Full Sun
  • Blooms: Deep pink trumpet shaped flowers in Summer
  • Drought tolerant, needs good drainage
  • Deciduous (loses leaves in winter)
  • Companion plants include: Color Guard Yucca, Red Yucca, Agave Parry, Agave Century Plant, Pink Muhly Grass, White Muhly Grass, Little Bluestem Grass, Autumn Sage, and Texas Sage.

Secondary Names:
Chilopsis linearis

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Mature Size: 15′ x 15′
Leaf Type: Deciduous
Growth Rate: Rapid
Water Needs: Dry
Light: Sun
Tolerances: Drought, alkaline soils (pH > 7.5)
Attributes: Texas native, showy or fragrant flower
Features: Showy pink flowers through spring and summer; extremely drought-tolerant.