Ornamental Trees For Your Personality

The environment surrounding someone when he or she steps onto your property creates the first impression for the visit. Keeping a well-manicured lawn is a great move for giving yourself the yard that you deserve, but it does not showcase your personality. People often spend time shopping and installing interior decorations, but give less attention to the exterior. With ornamental trees, you can design a landscape that will really pop and give onlookers a sense of who you are.

Ornamental Trees For Your Personality

We offer a variety of ornamental blooming trees which will bring a vibrant and tranquil ambiance to your property. The blue chiffon rose of sharon is an excellent example of an eye-catching plant that will enhance the view in your yard this summer. With its beautiful double blooms, this shrub can grow up to 18′ tall and 8′ wide. Once you plant this perennial in your garden, watch the show as wildlife, such as butterflies, birds and bees arrive.

Another dazzling option is the redbud. These trees come in a few different colors and can reach sizes of 30′ tall, 20′ wide depending on the type.¬†Adorned with heart-shaped leaves, redbuds create an atmosphere that anyone can love. Include the fact that these trees require minimal care and your own heart will ache for this lawn addition.

If you do not mind a plant that needs a little extra love and care, the crape myrtle could be for you. These plants bloom in midsummer and come in several colors, making it difficult to choose just one. During the winter months, the exfoliating bark will add a little extra flare to your yard.

Make your yard the talk of the town with a natural touch to your property by planting stunning ornamental trees. With some planning and research, you could develop a paradise you will be able to enjoy for years. If you have any gardening needs, contact Chambersville Tree Farm.