Oak trees are great trees, and there are 42 native oaks in Texas.  There are three major types:  red, white, and black, all represented in the state.  These trees tend to do well here, and worth considering when planning a landscape with North Texas trees.  Here are two great examples of native oaks available through our farm:

North Texas Trees: Native Oaks

Mexican White Oak

This medium-sized white oak was established as native to Texas in 1992.  It holds its leaves well into winter, meaning that there is a short period between leaf drop and when the tree leafs out again in the spring.  This makes this tree a good choice for the north side of a house for winter wind protection.

It has average water needs when first planted, but once established is drought tolerant.  It is also considered a relatively fast growing oak and can add up to two feet a year under good growing conditions.

This oak is frequently chosen as an alternative to Live Oaks since it is less susceptible to oak wilt.  Just be aware, if you’re considering this tree, that the tree’s shape is more upright with less canopy spread when compared to a Live Oak.

Chinquapin Oak

The chinquapin, also a white oak, is a smaller tree when compared to the Mexican White Oak. In Texas, it tops out between 30 and 50 feet.  The native range extends farther north, where the tree can grow much taller.

This oak does well in very diverse soil conditions and can handle clay, and as a bonus can do well in alkaline soils.  However, the tree does not do well with severe drought.

In addition to the Mexican White Oak and Chinquapin, we have other types of oaks and other types of trees available at Chambersville Tree Farm.  We would love to talk to you about your landscaping plans.