Mexican Feather Grass – A Native Must-have For The Sun Garden

If you are looking to add interest to a sunny spot, consider Mexican Feather Grass(Nassella tenuissima) AKA Argentine needle-grass. A graceful Texas native, this plant is not only drought tolerant; it thrives in very dry soil. The wispy, pale green foliage creates a stunning backdrop for other perennials, like these Midnight Raider Day Lilies. This grass is a gem even in scorching, or cooler than usual, temperatures, simply going dormant and turning a beautiful buff color until conditions are more favorable. The silky, delicate blades can reach over 2 feet tall, making it an ideal choice for border beds. This easy-going grass provides just the contrast you are looking for against home foundations and softens a rock garden beautifully. It’s fine, airy texture allows for flowing movement in the slightest breeze; truly a statement plant! Unlike many larger kinds of grass, Mexican Feather Grass also does well in containers and will liven up any outdoor space.

Mexican Feather Grass - A Native Must-have For The Sun Garden

In May, the plant will produce wheat-colored seed heads and often reseeds abundantly. However, in it’s native Southwest US habitat, there is no need to worry that it will become an invasive spreader. Any unwanted shoots are easily removed from the ground. If reseeding is unwanted, simply cut off the seed heads as they emerge. Once the plant is mature, it’s extensive root system provides excellent erosion control, making it a great choice for slopes and hillsides. For maximum attraction, plant in small groups or masses. As they grow, each plant will begin to form a clump, filling in empty spaces.

This ornamental grass offers unique variation, personality, and eye-catching whimsy to any dry, full sun garden(USDA Zones 6-10). A must-have for the gardener or business owner who is looking for a hardy, low-maintenance plant, as well as the green thumb who enjoys a native, wildlife-friendly yard.

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