Make Your Yard Pop with Evergreen Trees

Sometimes it seems like, no matter how much you might water your lawn and take care of your garden beds, everything is turning parched and slightly brown. If you’re considering relandscaping your lawn and you’re looking for plant varieties that can stay healthily green no matter the weather, there are two main categories of plants that need relatively little care to keep your yard green: local varieties and evergreens.

Make Your Yard Pop with Evergreen Trees

How can evergreens flourish in your yard?

Even though evergreens like pine and hemlock are usually pictured exclusively as northern trees, evergreens are well-suited to southern climates. In fact, they are most vulnerable to winter damage, when cold winds can dry out their waxy needles and leaves. But it’s easy to minimize that risk in north Texas just by finding the right location to plant them. Because evergreens need both sunlight in the summer and protection from too much sun in the winter, planting evergreens along the northern side of your property helps them flourish without regular maintenance.

Evergreens have a waxy coating on their leaves that helps the trees retain moisture, so they aren’t vulnerable to dry weather. However, they will need some watering throughout the year, and covering the base of the tree trunk with mulch can help them retain moisture even better because water can’t evaporate as easily from the soil.

With just a bit of regular watering, evergreens can stay bright and green year-round no matter what the weather conditions are. If you’re looking to add more color to your lawn, go to Chambersville Tree Farm to get started.