Get Rid of Pests with the Right Commercial Landscaping Plants

When you’re building a personal garden, it’s easy to incorporate plants that help shape the environment so it’s a peaceful oasis. You can add the flowers, ornamental grasses, and fragile plants you want. If they’re the plants you want to see from your patio in the evening, then you can take your time on the mulching, watering, and care that they need. But commercial landscapes aren’t the same way. Whatever plants are set up on the property have to achieve a balance of toughness, aesthetics, and drought resistance. These factors help keep the plants affordable while still letting the landscaping do its job of making customers feel welcome.

Get Rid of Pests with the Right Commercial Landscaping Plants

However, commercial landscaping has another task that needs to be kept in mind: pest control.

Choose the right plants to deter pests.

Some types of plants and landscaping almost invite insects and rodents to call the plants home. Overgrown shrubs provide a lot of shelter. Plants that crawl up the side of a building give bugs an easy vantage point. But it’s a bit trickier to use plants to keep bugs out.

If you keep a personal garden, you know the value of mint, eucalyptus, and basil. But those plants take more care than property managers and monthly landscaping services can offer. Instead, build up your landscaping with:

Lavender and marigold around garden beds.

If you want your landscaping to have a pop of color, use that color as a border. These plants keep most pesky bugs away, and you don’t have to cover the whole median to get the effect.


These plants don’t look that unusual, but they repel mosquitoes like citronella oil does. Keep two on either side of your property’s front door to keep mosquitoes out of your store or to provide relief for patrons waiting outside.

Deterring bugs has a lot to be with maintaining the landscaping, but choosing the right plants helps. Go to Chambersville Tree Farm here to get started.