Don’t Let Woodpeckers Damage Your Trees

It’s always nice to see colorful birds in your backyard. Cardinals and sparrows are preferable to crows and pigeons. But even the most colorful and pretty birds can cause damage to your backyard. Whether it’s pecking through your tomatoes, roosting on your house’s eaves, or hammering through tree trunks, dealing with the fallout is much less fun than bird-watching. Here’s what you can do about the damage woodpeckers do to your trees.

Don't Let Woodpeckers Damage Your Trees


Recognize the signs.

Anytime you see damage to your trees, investigate it immediately. Maybe part of a tree limb has snapped because of too much weight. Infectious diseases and invasive pests can break through your tree’s defenses. But if you see holes drilled into your tree, don’t just assume something is burrowing in. If the holes are arranged in rows or columns, you probably are hosting a woodpecker.

This is especially dangerous if you have new oak trees on your property since woodpeckers prefer them.

If you haven’t checked out your trees but you have seen more butterflies and rodents around the tree, that’s another sign woodpeckers have been there. They drill through the tree’s bark to make the tree produce sugars, and other neighborhood critters come to track it down.

Repair the damage.

First, apply a sort of bandage over the damaged area of the truck. A mixture of compost, phosphate, water, and diatomaceous earth can cover the holes and give the tree a break to start healing itself. You should also make sure the soil around the tree has plenty of nutrients and moisture.

Get rid of the woodpeckers.

Woodpeckers are in your backyard because they know they can find food. Make sure you regularly check your property and trees for bug infestations. If that isn’t what’s drawing their attention, buy a bird feeder. Hang it near the damaged truck and then start edging it towards the far corner of your property each day. If the food you provide there is better than what’s in the tree, you can lead them away.

Go to Chambersville Tree Farm to buy replacement trees if there has been too much damage or if you want more vegetation in your backyard.