Did You Know Fall is a Great Time To Plant Trees?

When most of us think about landscaping, we tend to picture the springtime. The ground is freshly thawed, all the plants are coming back into bloom, and it seems like everything is growing. Not only that, but as the old saying goes, April showers bring May flowers, so what better time could there possibly be for planting new trees? Well, since you ask, in the Fall.

Did You Know Fall is a Great Time To Plant Trees?

Why Plant Trees in The Fall?

If you’re dubious about planting trees while nature seems to be getting ready for frosty temperatures and snow, there is a method in this particular madness. As First Choice Tree Care points out, trees go through a surge of root growth in the Fall that is almost identical to what they go through in the Spring. This allows your new trees to take a firm hold on the soil, and anchor themselves in place before the temperatures drop, ensuring they’re ready for spring. This root growth can be essential to overcoming the trauma of transplanting.

The other advantage of Fall is that, because of the dropping temperatures, the soil is less likely to dry out the way it does in warmer weather. When you combine an opportunity for surging growth in the root system, with moist soil that’s full of nutrients, what you have is an opportunity for a tree to make real progress so that when Spring comes round again it’s already firmly in place.

With all of that said, though, Fall is not the best time to plant any tree. Some trees, like oak, hickory, crabapple, flowering pear, ironwood, and magnolias will simply do better being planted in the Spring. Other trees, though, like evergreens, elms, maples, honey locust, or linden will be perfectly happy to be put in the ground when the leaves start changing colors.

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