The Chambersville Tree Farm’s Centennial Circle of Trees, consisting of more than 100 native and adapted trees of North Texas, will be formally dedicated at 2 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 13. The tree farm is located four miles north of McKinney off F.M. 543 near Weston.

The project is a combined conservation effort between the Chambersville Tree Farm and the Boy Scouts of America’s Lone Star District, which includes 56 Cub Scout and Boy Scout units located in McKinney, Anna, Blue Ridge, Farmersville, Melissa and Princeton.

This planned conservation and educational program includes the Chambersville Tree Farm providing more than 100 native and adapted trees for planting, with the Lone Star District’s scouting units providing the youthful manpower to assist in the planting, trail development, and perpetual maintenance of the tree circle.

The Centennial Circle of Trees is a Collin County Scouting conservation effort to help commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America, which was founded in 1910. Through their efforts in the project, local Scouting youth can learn more about nature, forestry, wildlife and water conservation while assisting in an educational program that will be available to local school districts, youth organizations and the public, for tours of the site.

When completed in 2011, the Centennial Circle of Trees will consist of more than 125 different tree species that can grow in the North Texas blackland prairie soils. Tree Farm officials plan to have at least 80 trees planted and identified when the tree circle formally opens Nov. 13.

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