Growing a tree that bears fruit is a very appealing idea. Not only does it add charm to a backyard and beautiful blossoms in the spring, but there’s also the promise of sweet-tasting goodness when the tree is ready for the picking in the fall. But growing a healthy fruit tree that will produce a lot of healthy fruit takes more than just planting the tree in the ground. Here’s what you need to do to help your tree grow healthy and fruitful.

Caring For Your Fruit Tree in Texas

  • Plant your tree in a sunny place with adequate drainage in the ground. In other words, don’t plant it in a place that’s swampy, or where water pools and lingers after a rain shower. If the roots are soaked in too much water, they will rot and the tree will die.
  • Prune your tree regularly. Pruning keeps dead branches from overcrowding the live branches and preventing fruit to grow. Make sure you use sharp tools for a clean cut. You should prune dead or broken branches and downward sloping branches. Make sure to prune in a way so water can drain off a pruned area easily to prevent rot.
  • Train your fruit tree’s branches. This can take up to many years after the tree’s planting. You need to train your tree’s branches to spread in different directions for more room to grow and to encourage fruit bearing. Do so by tying the branches together to train it to grow how you want to. Training your fruit tree correctly is difficult, so make sure you do some research or ask someone experienced for help.

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