Planting is a vital part of the landscaping design of your home. The key is to carefully place your plants into your landscaping where they can thrive and live long healthy lives. Accent plants are a great way to define and enhance your property. Find out exactly what accent plants can do for your landscaping and your home.

What Accent Plants Can Do For Your Landscaping

Line Your Foundation and Walkways

Accent edges are the perfect way to line the foundation of your house. They not only look great, but they will become a very valuable asset to your home. They can hide unsightly masonry or basement windows while being very pleasing to the eyes at the same time. They can extend the appearance of your house as well. Accent plants are also a nice way to line your walkways. Effortlessly turn a boring walkway into something that looks fantastic, simply by just lining both sides of it with plants.

Great Visual Impact

Accent plants can have an immense visual impact on your home. They are delightful to look at every day for both you and your neighbors. They will add to the value of your house and are a major selling point if you ever put your house on the market. Sometimes first impressions are everything, and accent plants do a wonderful job at creating first impressions that are sure to last.

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