5 Benefits of Trimming Your Trees

It’s important to trim your trees regularly. Trimming has many benefits, both for your tree and for you. Here are a few reasons why you need to have your trees trimmed.

5 Benefits of Trimming Your Trees

Remove Unhealthy Branches

Trimming your tree and removing dead branches will allow healthy branches to grow in their place. Trimming your tree will also allow you to remove branches that are infected. Diseased branches can damage your entire tree.

More Sunlight

Trimming your tree will thin out the upper canopy and provide more sunlight to the lower branches. This will improve their overall health. In addition, there will be more sunlight for grass and other plants underneath your tree, which will keep your lawn visually appealing.

Improve Tree Structure

Trimming your trees will help your trees develop. By trimming strategically, you can remove even live branches to enable healthier branches to develop. Young trees benefit even more from trimming.


Dead branches can easily fall off and damage or injure yourself, your kids, your guests, passersby, your house or your car. Trimming your tree and removing these dead branches prevents that from happening. It’s also important to remove weak branches that can get thrown around during a heavy storm.

Prune Your Fruit Trees

It’s especially important to prune your fruit trees. More sunlight and a healthier tree will result in thicker, larger and tastier fruit. In addition, the fruit on the bottom of the tree will improve as well; you won’t have to climb dangerous heights in order to pick the upper fruits.

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