3 Reasons to Add Trees to Your Parking Lots and Commercial Landscapes

Curb appeal is one of the most important parts of securing new business. Whether you manage an apartment complex, an office, or a shopping center, your visitors make snap judgments about the quality of your business based on the quality of your landscaping. Make a strong first impression that doesn’t need constant maintenance by planting trees.

3 Reasons to Add Trees to Your Parking Lots and Commercial Landscapes

How do trees improve your commercial landscaping?

People are drawn to trees. They look beautiful, can frame any building nicely, and evoke connotations of freshness and nature. But planting trees around your commercial lot does more than provide aesthetics. They can also:

1. Keep erosion at bay.

Erosion is a constant maintenance problem. Soils shifts both if you have an area on a slope or during heavy, sudden rains. It can pockmark your landscaping, especially if your property has different soil types, and make your building look unkempt. While hardy shrubs can withstand a bit of soil movement, erosion that exposes or breaks the roots shortens their lifespan. But tree root systems can lock the soil in place without a similar risk. It also stops mud from sliding into your parking lots and across walkways.

2. Help with rain drainage.

It doesn’t rain often in Texas, but the rare downpours can cause flash floods. That runoff will pool in your parking lot and at the lowest levels of your property, and it can take days to evaporate or seep into the soil. So design your landscaping to send runoff towards drainage pipes and tree roots. Trees absorb thousands of gallons of water, and their roots extend widely across the ground. They can help reduce standing water so your concrete surfaces are clear and won’t attract pests.

3. Grow without impeding visibility.

Parking lots need as much visibility as possible. It can be hard for your customers to drive through the parking lot while avoiding other cars and pedestrians, especially if the landscaping is overgrown. Plant slow-growing tree varieties that can make your lot look great but don’t need constant maintenance.

If you want to see which tree species are best for commercial landscapes and parking lots, go to Chambersville Tree Farms here.