3 Landscaping Tips to Sell Your House Faster

If you live in or around Collin County, it’s not hard to sell your house. But if you’re trying to sell it at the right price or you’re in a hurry to secure a reasonable price, there are several ways to increase your home’s curb appeal without making a large investment. One of the best ways is with fresh landscaping. Here are three ways to make your front lawn pop:

3 Landscaping Tips to Sell Your House Faster

Add groundcover so there are no bare patches.

Everyone knows that it’s hard to maintain a lawn in Texas without running afoul of water restrictions. But out-of-state buyers may not be familiar with how quickly lawns can turn patchy, and even local buyers love green lawns. Add new groundcover and grass to cover damaged turf or add colorful mulch around your trees’ trunks to hide the topsoil.

Add flowers for fresh color.

Green lawns are just the start of boosting your property’s curb appeal. Installing some new flowers — either in the ground or in ornamental pots — can make your lawn seem bigger, unique, and more attractive. Adding flowers can also create a dramatic change without having to design your whole landscape.

Balance your foundation plants with extra layers.

Every house should have plants lining the property to shade the soil around the foundation. This keeps the soil, and the edge of the concrete, in better shape so it doesn’t settle or crack as much. They’re so important that there are standard layouts for different home designs so properties look balanced and have foundation protection. See if your foundation needs more hedges, a taller hedge or small tree at the corner, or border plants to add depth to the whole configuration.

No matter what plants you decide will be a great choice to boost your curb appeal, Chambersville Tree Farm can help. Contact us here for specific recommendations or to check our selection.