3 Evergreens That Are the Right Fit for Your Texas Yard

Sometimes landscaping isn’t about picking your favorite plants. With the harsh drought conditions in the DFW area, sometimes your yard makes your choices for you. Unless you want to aggressively irrigate your front lawn and constantly be on the lookout for pests, you have to choose your trees and shrubs carefully. Here are the three best trees for tiny yards when you want easy maintenance:

3 Evergreens That Are the Right Fit for Your Texas Yard

1. Texas Mountain Laurels

Trees are great for increasing your property’s value and the curb appeal. But you don’t want a tree that grows too fast. Fast growers need more frequent trimming and can increase the risk of pests getting to your roof. They can also pose a threat to your foundation if you plant them too close to your property.

But Texas Mountain Laurels are slow growers. They need less frequent maintenance and aren’t likely to start growing their roots into your foundation and pipes. Even better, they grow attractive purple flowers and stay green all year long.

2. Austrian Pines

But sometimes¬†large trees have their own advantages. A large shady tree can help keep the sunlight away from your roof and provide some cool shade. It also brings in that settled-in curb appeal you’re looking for. Austrian pines also stay green through tough droughts and a bit of cold weather, so they’re perfect for Texas yards.

3. Live Oaks

Live oaks are another type of tree that stays green all year long to provide lots of color and shade. If you want large trees on a new development, these are the perfect fast growers to make your land look established. Just be sure to plant the trees well away from your foundation and pipes.

No matter what landscaping style you love, there are trees that match it and the climate. Go to Chambersville Tree Farm to find the right fit.