Aug 28, 2018

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The All-American Wintergreen

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The Wintergreen Boxwood, otherwise known as the boxwood, is native to the eastern portion of North America. It does not survive in clay soils, so provide it with well-drained soil, preferably acidic. The Native American tribes of North America used this plant medicinally, brewing a tea from the leaves for ailments such as: headache, fever, sore throat, and bodily aches and pains. The ripened berries can be used to make pies.

The All-American Wintergreen

This beautiful plant is a treat for the senses. It is a handsome shrub, coming in at a mature height of 6″. Its creeping stems have clusters of dark green leaves that are very aromatic when they are crushed. That is, in fact, where Wintergreen oil comes from. Though it is evergreen, the leaves take on a reddish appearance in the winter. It has little, light pink flowers in the summer that turn into dark red berries in the fall, making this a plant for all seasons.

If you do not live in the mountains, it is not a problem. This partial shade loving beauty will do well in a woodland or shaded rock garden setting, as well as a large pot on the porch or patio. Just be sure to give it regular waterings and plenty of organic matter for nutrients.

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